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I’m an A-level Student at The Ecclesbourne School, taking Maths, History, Economics and Religious Studies (Philosophy + Buddhism). I enjoy playing tennis and cricket. Also I love reading up on history, philosophy, politics and economics. A believer in liberal economics and fiscal conservatism, a right of centre conservative. Love to debate about anything and everything.

Please visit my blog where I post frequently on current affairs and historical events which are of a high interest to myself. Click here to read my blog. 

9 thoughts on “About me

  1. Hello Mr. “Laissez-Faire” economics, how about you stop copying stuff straight from Keynesian economics and come up with your own view you bourgeois scumbag! You talk about how bad Marxism is in one article… and then quote me in your little post about “(A)theism” in the next! Do you even know what brackets are for? You call atheism a religoin but by it’s very definition it isn’t one, don’t try to drag us atheists down to the level of your ideologically sexist cults! Religion is the opium of the masses and you’re tripping balls!

    Anyway, my time is too valuable to waste on this pinnacle of documented bigotry! I have another manufesto to write!

    Yours (un)faithfully,

    • I don’t hate marx. You have to understand that Marx is an excellent scholar, hands down. But his economic ideas have clearly failed in practicality. The collapse of the USSR and Eastern Bloc and the new idea of the Chinese Communists to “get rich is glorious” (Deng Xiaoping) shows that China’s growth is clearly linked to it’s closer adoption of certain capitalist models (such as State Capitalism). Communism has failed in practicality but Marx is certainly one of the finest academic scholars and political theorists of all time.
      With regards to Laissez-Faire: yes it’s acceptable. As long as there is no market failure, if there is then we do mandate government intervention. Laissez-Faire is different from anarchy – it doesn’t mean we let men loose and do what they want.

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